Dress Code/Why We Don't Sag Our Pants
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Friday, September 14, 2012
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Success is a Choice

When you visit DCAC you will see this flier posted in every building:

"At all times on DCAC property all pants must be worn fitted to the waist, at the waist, with a belt.  The staff will give no warnings for sagging pants; an NW will be issued, and any argument will lead to further consequences."

At DCAC we enforce the dress code, especially sagging pants, every day for these reasons:

1. There is a lot of money to be made in the world, and it is NOT being made by young men with their pants hanging off their bottoms.

2. DCAC's purpose is to prepare young people for the adult world; in the adult world, you follow directions and abide by the standards that society sets.

3. At DCAC we teach LOOK SMART - BE SMART and BE TIGHT - BE RIGHT. Sagging pants make you look like you are auditioning to be the next face down on the concrete suspect on COPS.

We don't ask our students to like the dress code or agree with it. We ask them to follow it, and we issue consequences and counsel them when they do not. The world is much hasher than we; the world simply passes them by if they can't follow its rules, and they live hand to mouth and can't understand why.

One of the most valuable lessons we can teach our children is how to deal with situations they don't like in an appropriate way. The right attitude and perspective on life is vital to their ability to become productive citizens.

Life is not guaranteed to be fun, exciting, and fair all the time. Our children need to know this. They also need to know that doing the right thing has rewards.






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