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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


        Attention is something all living individuals require. There are many definitions of the word. One definition defines it as the act or power of carefully thinking about, listening to, or watching someone or something. Adults require attention in various ways. A spouse needs attention from their significant other, for example. A job supervisor has to give attention to his staff so that the workplace runs efficiently. A person has to pay attention to their diet in order to be healthy. As adults, we all require attention at various stages in our lives. Children are dependent on the adults in their life, are they not? So it would be safe to say a children require attention at every stage of their lives. 

        A lot of the students that we encounter are suffering as a result of a lack of attention. There are not enough adults in their lives to model positive life styles, motivate them, or just listen. School staff such as teachers, counselors, and other adults dedicate countless hours to students; however, this is never enough. Students need that attention from the adults that influence their lives the most, their parents or guardians. I know that a lot of parents are busy working long hours to provide for their children. I commend them for doing what is required of them as parents. I also know that some parents do not want to alienate their relationship with their child by being intrusive or overbearing. I do not think that anything in a parent's life should take precedence over their child's well-being. 

       Parents must give their children a considerable amount of attention. If the parents are not willing to do so, then the child will find an alternative. The alternative usually comes in the form of negative behavior that provides the child with the attention he or she seeks. At this point the child's emotional need for attention has been neglected to the point that any form of attention is warranted. The child has not developed the communication skills needed to convey to the parents what they actually need. Parents are confused about their child's behavior and are blindly navigating the situation. The school system can only do so much to accommodate the needs of students, and as a result, all parties involved suffer. If children can be provided with the proper amount of attention, then I truly believe their lives could be significantly better. Parents must carefully think about how to raise their child. Parents must carefully listen to what their children are saying (verbally or non-verbally). Parents must carefully watch or notice their child. In the end this attention ultimately creates the foundation for healthy relationships. 

DeAndre Gaines

Behavior Intervention



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