Being Receptive
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Thursday, March 24, 2016
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 Being Receptive
            When I was a young man, I was definitely not the best at controlling my emotions. I was the typical adolescent male who took the opportunity to be defiant when faced with the consequences of my actions. Although I understood that most adults in my life were trying to help me, I was not receptive to the directives that were being offered. Whether the help was in the form of advice or required consequences for unwarranted behavior, I did not want to listen to that particular adult at the time.

            I knew that I was being disrespectful, difficult, and just plain dumb, but I would never verbally admit these facts to anyone because of the “Male Pride” that I carried inside. My mother instilled certain values in me and took every opportunity to help me understand that people will help you if you allow them. This is the battle that we fight everyday with our young people. We are trying to get them to understand that the school provides a service that is desperately needed for them to obtain the skills necessary to achieve their goals. The people who work within the school are professionals who have the knowledge and experience to guide students in the right direction. These professionals provide this guidance on a daily basis, but some students are not receptive to what is being given.

           Students sometimes have their minds made up about what direction they want their lives to go in. Parents also have goals in mind for their children. The two views are sometimes conflicting. It is difficult to reach this type of student, but we consistently try to change their perception because that is the pledge we have taken as educators. There is no goal in this world that one accomplishes alone. The people in your life all provide assistance in some form to help you along your journey. These people are not just family but teachers, neighbors, and other responsible adults who care about the well-being of young people. Young people can be and need to be guided in a positive direction by the adults in their life. Adults have to be consistent in their actions, but young people must be receptive. They need to understand that help is provided but it must be accepted. If our young people learn to be receptive and gravitate toward positive goals then they will ultimately have successful lives. It is just that simple.

De'Andre Gaines

Behavior Specialist


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