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Wednesday, April 13, 2016
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“Zombies, a Goat, and Life Lessons”

I watch The Walking Dead. It is not a guilty pleasure. I freely admit that each Sunday night at eight p.m. finds me ready for the next adventure of Rick and his comrades. In a television world of vampires, werewolves, superheroes and Kardashians, the idea of the shambling, mindless undead is almost normal.

A recent episode introduced us to Tabitha the goat, and that episode ended with Tabitha being eaten by one of the walkers. Tabitha spent her time on screen doing what goats do; she bleated, was adorable, and gave milk. The walker, for its part, did what walkers do; it mindlessly destroyed an innocent animal.

There is a life lesson here. Last night’s episode was an on screen example of what we teach our students every day. Some people in the world mindlessly destroy the beautiful, the innocent, and the worthwhile with no more thought than a fictional walker. These people have no concern for the feelings and welfare of others; the destruction and pain they leave in their wake is just the cost of the “business” they do.

We tell our young people consistently to find some part of themselves that makes them special and to develop it to be become a person of character and quality. We also tell them consistently to learn to recognize those in the world who have no good intentions and look out only for themselves. The associations they develop and nurture will help them become someone or contribute to a life misspent. Unlike the fictional goat, they have no tether or leash that takes away their free will and right to choose. They have the responsibility to make good decisions, and we as adults have the moral obligation to give them good direction in making those choices.

At DCAC we believe firmly that life lessons are everywhere. In every experience and interaction there are opportunities to grow and expand how we see the world. By opening our eyes and our minds, we can benefit from anything – even a goat.



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