Blog: Why is Everyone so Angry?
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A week ago I discovered the Octane Channel on my car's satellite radio. After listening to bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park for several days, i came to this conclusion:

These people are REALLY angry.

The theme of so many songs was disillusionment with the world, anger against authority, and a desire to strike and hurt all those who had caused them harm. As i listened, I felt such sadness for these bands who felt so disconnected from the world around them. Their message held no hope; they could see nothing but misery in a failed future.

And as I listened, I realized that these people had talent, ability, and drive. Their music was often layered and intricate and their lyrics intelligent. What they lacked was direction. Somewhere in their young lives they had bought into an idea of a world in which they had no control or ability to affect their circumstances. That was the real shame.

The people singing these songs are so like the students that we see every day. They are angry, frustrated, and fighting a world that they believe is against them. The truth is that so many times no one has taught them the power they possess to affect their situations. We see talent and ability in these young people, but that raw ability has no focus.

We teach students that adults in their lives are coaches in two respects:

1. Adults teach students the rules of life - what is and is not acceptable at home, school, and the community.

2. Adults teach children the life skills necessary to follow these rules and navigate the daily challenges they face.

Both of these are necessary. It does no good to tell a child to respect authority without showing the child how it is done and what it looks like.

So many times these students do not excel because no one has told them how much they accomplish. The failure to get their wants and needs met leads to the anger and frustration, and their inability to express these desires just makes it worse.

Life is a game; knowing the rules helps them win. At DCAC we teach and model these concepts daily.

If you are an adult in the life of one of these children, is what you say and do daily helping the child learn how to play and win the game?

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