What's the Value?
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

     According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, in 2013 the median weekly earnings of a person with less than a high school diploma was $472. However, a person with a high school diploma earned $651 a week. That is a difference of $179 a week, or $9,308 a year. What is not shown is the positive influence that a high school education can have on a person.

     There are traits in life that can not be measured by a statistic or what can be deemed valuable. One of the first steps that allows an individual to start to learn who and what he or she may become is the school setting. Some people may struggle in a school setting; everyone is different, but they can still learn certain skills that will help them later in life. A few of these skills might be working with people who have different opinions, skin color, religion, or any number of other possibilities.

     Without some form of education system, society is left to its own devices. Does a natural order arise or educational learning from the environment occur? It might be a leap to ask these questions, but it is important to think about the non-monetary value of a basic education. Leadership, critical thinking, friendship, and inquiry are just a few skills and attributes people can get from school. Life long bonds of friendship can be forged during early childhood and adolescence because of school. These are traits that can not be measured by a statistic.

    School is not meant to be always easy; it should challenge each person in different ways. It should push people to be better, strive for excellence, demand the best from themselves, and want it.


James Battles

high school social studies

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